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Class Action: Wheel Of (mis)Fortune

PDF Association of California Insurance Companies (ACIC) General Counsel Seminar
Las Vegas, NV
July 22, 2015

Todd H. Stitt and Mona Z. Hanna spoke on a panel at the ACIC 26th Annual General Counsel Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Their presentation, titled “Class Action: Wheel Of (mis)Fortune,” took place at the Encore Hotel from 10:35am – 11:30am PST and focused on the developments and changes in class action litigation based on recent State and Federal case law. They provided an analysis and update on class action trends and summaries of class action rulings including issues such as damage analysis, merits consideration, class certification, enforceability of binding arbitration provisions and class action waivers, among others.

During this three-day ACIC General Counsel Seminar, leading industry speakers from the legal, insurance and regulatory communities offered current information on a wide range of insurance issues key to insurers in the region. While the seminar focused on California, breakout sessions highlighted issues in Washington and Arizona.

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