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Latino VCs and Startups

PDF Digital Latino
Los Angeles, CA
May 5, 2015

Celina Kirchner spoke on “Latino VCs and Startups” at Digital LA’s upcoming event, Digital Latino. During this presentation, Celina gave an overview of the critical business steps that aspiring and existing tech entrepreneurs need to know in order to build a solid foundation for their burgeoning digital companies.

Topics covered included:

  • Planning, diligence and more planning
  • Properly structuring and negotiating your business entity
  • How to create a solid legal foundation for your innovative concept through incorporation, licenses, patents, and more 
  • Hammering out beneficial digital content distribution agreements and rights 
  • Raising or acquiring capital and funds without getting burned
  • Managing risk and properly insuring your business and interests

This event was attended by Latino VCs, investors, and startups, encouraging a vibrant discussion about investments in Latino businesses, Latino focused VCs, accelerators, investors, and angels, and how startups can raise money.

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