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Crafting a Legal and Effective Social Media Policy

PDF Center for Competitive Management
June 10, 2014

Spencer Hamer presented on “Crafting a Legal and Effective Social Media Policy” for a Center for Competitive Management Training (C4CM) audio conference.

Social media is everywhere, including your workplace. Savvy companies know they need a social media policy that can protect them from the risks these platforms pose. Savvy companies also know that last year’s policy probably won’t cut it this year. With technology changing so rapidly, and the NLRB actively assessing such policies, it’s increasingly complicated to draft an effective -and legal - social media policy.

Attendees learned how to develop a policy that will protect your organization while still preserve your employees’ rights. Spencer  also discussed how to balance your company’s goals while still permitting employee protected activities under the NLRA. Attendees:

  • Understood the NLRB guidance for compliance with the NLRA;
  • Discussed what a social media policy should include- and what should be left out;
  • Identified the boundaries of the policy;
  • Discussed monitoring employees’ social media usage at work and away from work;
  • Learned how much protection a Savings Clause will offer;
  • Discussed the NLRB’s stance on the statutory rights of employees, what is protected and what your policy might be missing;
  • Reviewed how to modify/craft a policy that’s compliant, protective and fair; and
  • Discussed implementation and best practices for social media policies.

The audio conference was designed to be an educational and informative session, lasting 75 minutes (which includes 15 minutes of audience Q&A) and was intended for General Counsel, HR professionals and management from national firms.

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