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Presenting & Defending Construction Claims in California

PDF Lorman Educational Services Seminar
Oakland, CA
September 26, 2014

Robert Berg spoke at a seminar presented by Lorman Education Services on “Presenting and Defending Construction Claims in California.” This one-day seminar was designed for attorneys, project managers, presidents, vice presidents, engineers, architects, contractors, subcontractors, owners, principals, accountants and contract managers.

About the Seminar

To contractors, these problems usually mean claims for cost overruns and time extensions. To owners on the other hand, they can cause projects to go over budget, complete too late, or both. In today's marketplace, with its emphasis on fast-track design and construction, claims for extra costs are on the rise. On public works projects, some professionals regard contract claims as a 'way of life.' Lawsuits are often the result.

This seminar was designed to survey the important issues about construction claims on both public and private works projects in California. Speakers included well-known construction lawyers and accountants with experience in these issues. The participants received practical advice on the ways and means of prosecuting and defending construction claims. A special course manual, complete with forms and charts, was distributed.

Seminar highlights:

  • Recognized legitimate construction claims
  • Evaluated and defend improper claims
  • Documented and proved impact and costs of various claims
  • Discussed the legal/contractual basis for claims and defenses
  • Discussed how to negotiate, mediate or litigate claims and defenses 

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