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Government Wage Hour Audits in the Insurance Industry

PDF American Agents Alliance Annual Convention and Expo
Palm Desert, CA
September 27, 2013

Spencer Hamer spoke at the 2013 American Agents Alliance Convention and Expo.

Spencer’s presentation, titled “Government Wage Hour Audits in the Insurance Industry,” presented a practical, insurance industry-focused roadmap for reducing wage hour audit risk. Federal and state agencies have been aggressively targeting the insurance industry with wage hour audits. Areas of focus included non-payment of overtime, misclassification of contractors, inadequate payroll records, and related violations, and non-compliance creates the potential for substantial liability. 

Broker-agents in attendance learned how to identify the main areas of focus in government wage hour audits of the insurance industry, how to provide guidelines on how to interact with the government during the audit process, and how to set forth specific best practices to implement in advance of an audit. 

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