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Critical Keys to Avoiding and Resolving Differing Site Conditions Claims

PDF Western Council of Construction Consumers
January 29, 2013

Darren Barker spoke on a panel at an event co-sponsored by Michelman & Robinson, LLP and the Western Council of Construction Consumers.

The presentation, titled "Critical Keys to Avoiding and Resolving Differing Site Conditions Claims," was intended to benefit anyone involved in underground infrastructure projects, maintenance, repairs, and/or contracts, and claims. Being mindful that differing site conditions can become a problem on even the smallest project, this seminar helped all parties be prepared.

Critical points covered included:

  • Current applicable California law
  • Key steps by project management teams in actual cases that determined real world claims results
  • How key contract terms determine claims resolution
  • Which contract terms are, & are not, enforceable by an Owner
  • How you can maximize your chances for success in resolving these claims
  • Using the tools you’ll learn in this seminar, even if you cannot resolve your disputes before they become claims, you will know how to set up your project to prevail should the matter go to arbitration or litigation.
  • Everyone involved in underground infrastructure

Contact Valerie: (916) 599-8020 | vann@wccc.org