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Purpose Meets Profit: 5 Things to Know if Your Business Is Considering Becoming a Certified B Corporation

If you’ve spent any time in a shopping mall, you’ve surely passed by, or perhaps made purchases from, The Body Shop, which for decades has been selling ethically sourced beauty, skincare, bath and body products. The company has done so since 1976, all the while adhering to a rather admirable vision: that business can be a force for good. With that as its driving force, The Body Shop has launched a series of activism campaigns over the years and even became the first international cosmetics brand recognized under the Humane Cosmetics Standard. (Read More)

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Nasdaq’s New Board Diversity Rule

Late last week (August 6), the SEC approved Nasdaq’s Board Diversity Rule (the Rule), which aims to diversify the boards of directors for Nasdaq-listed companies. By way of the Rule, Nasdaq-listed companies will be required to have at least two diverse directors, one who self-identifies as female and one who self-identifies as an underrepresented minority (read: Black or African American; Hispanic or Latinx; Asian, Native American or Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander; or two or more races or ethnicities ) or LGTBQ+. (Read More)