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Note to Copyright Owners: Register Your Original Work

Are you in the business of creating, acquiring, owning, publishing, licensing or financing original works entitled to copyright protection, such as books, movies, sound recordings, musical compositions, audio/visual works, software, photos, artwork, or articles? If so, the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Fourth Estate Public Benefit Corp. v. should be of interest. (Read More)

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Is Your Website ADA Compliant?

Attorneys at Michelman & Robinson, LLP have seen an uptick in claims made on behalf of visually impaired individuals against operators of websites not optimized for screen-reader technology. In fact, several of our clients have been sued or received demand letters from plaintiffs’ attorneys claiming violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Read More)

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A Bit of Coverage on Coverage: Insurance 101 for Juvenile Products Manufacturers

For many, just the mention of the word is enough for eyes to glaze over and minds to wander. Bring it up as fodder for cocktail party conversation, and the universal response is oftentimes a collective yawn. But insurance, though not the sexiest of topics, is a critical cog in the wheel of commerce, and one that cannot be ignored. And that is because this intangible product is an invaluable tool that allows businesses, including those in the juvenile products space, to manage the risk of financial loss – catastrophic and otherwise – by transferring it to third parties (read: insurance companies). (Read More)

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Social Media Influencers Who Pay . . . No Way

If your company promotes itself through social media with the help of influencers, then it is a participant in the influencer economy. But because influencers come with a price, you must consider if they are worth the money — and just how influential they truly are.

Companies spend mightily to attach themselves to online tastemakers and social media stars (those with impressive numbers of followers). These individuals — from actors and athletes to mom bloggers and teenage Instagram and Snapchat giants — leverage their booming popularity and social media presence in exchange for lucrative deals with brands. Need proof? An influencer with a million followers can earn upwards of $20,000 for a single promotional tweet. (Read More)

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Got Employees? New Laws Juvenile Products Manufacturers Need to Know

There is much for management in the juvenile products industry to keep front of mind— federal, state and local regulations; domestic and international economic conditions; competition and pricing; supplier, vendor or distributor disruption; cybersecurity threats; access to capital; environmental issues; technological innovation; and growth strategies, among other things. At the top of that list should also be labor and employment laws that impact operations. After all, juvenile products manufacturers are, first and foremost, employers. With that being said, this overview of new workplace requirements and restrictions that have recently become effective in California and New York should prove helpful. (Read More)