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The Importance of Appointing a Compliance Officer When Signing a TSA

Eric Rans gave a presentation on “Protecting The Crown Jewel: Understanding Your TSA and Tips for Handling Other Legal Challenges Faced by the Industry” at the California Tow Truck Association’s Western States Tow Show on October 10, 2014, in San Diego, CA. He discussed best practices for how to effectively navigate through the thorny process of Tow Service Agreement disputes and litigation. In this segment, he discusses the importance of regularly reviewing one’s agreement and appointing someone in the organization to act as a compliance officer.

How Legal Counsel Can Help During Contractors State Licensing Board Investigations

Darren Barker and Eric Rans discuss the importance of bringing on legal counsel when under investigation by the Contractors State Licensing Board, which has the power to issue citations, and suspend or revoke a contractor’s license. Compiling documentation, revisiting the property site to survey any changes in appearance, and remaining proactive with discovering hearing dates are just some of the ways Darren and Eric explain that attorneys can help build a case on behalf of contractors.

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What Depth of Responsibility Do Creditors and Lenders Have to Maintain the Value of Collateral in Their Possession?

If you are an officer or a special assets manager at a bank, and you know that a borrower has pledged non-real estate collateral (stocks, notes, etc.) that has long been gathering dust in your vault, you need to ask yourself, what responsibility, if any, does the bank have to maintain the value of collateral held in its possession for the purpose of securing loans? (Read More)