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New Hurdles for Insurers Offering Good Driver Discounts

It is no newsflash that qualified good drivers must be offered premium discounts for automobile insurance under Proposition 103. That being said, the mechanics of these offerings have recently become more complicated. An explanation follows, but first, a bit of background. (Read More)

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MetLife and Federal Regulators Battle Over 'Systemically Important' Label

The definition and regulation of systemically important financial institutions (SIFI), including the extension of this designation to certain insurance companies, has bred contention amongst key stakeholders. As federal regulators look to ramp up oversight of large insurance companies (including the imposition of higher capital requirements and other risk management protocols), all eyes are on a significant appeal being heard in the D.C Circuit Court, with potentially massive financial and political implications. (Read More)

David Hauge Discusses a Wholesaler’s Duty of Care to the Insured

David Hauge moderated a panel on “A Wholesaler’s Duty of Care to the Insured: Am I Liable?” at the California Insurance Wholesalers Association’s 2015 California Wholesaler Industry Days conference on January 13, 2015 in La Jolla, CA. The presentation addressed the circumstances under which a wholesaler could be found liable to the insured, given that wholesalers generally only work directly with the retail broker. In this segment, David discusses tips wholesalers can take when working with retail brokers to mitigate liability to third parties.