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Showing 3 posts from May 2022.

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Changes to the UCC Addressing Digital Assets Up for Consideration

It is no secret that buying, using and trading cryptocurrency and non-fungible tokens has become more and more commonplace. Less clear is whether crypto, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, is to be treated as money. Even more of a mystery to regulators and market participants alike is how security interests in digital assets can be perfected—this so that other parties cannot improperly claim ownership. If adopted, a newly proposed Article 12 of the Uniform Commercial Code would address these issues by governing transfers (including sales and financings) of digital assets. (Read More)

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5 Emerging Trends in Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatment

The business of mental health and addiction treatment is continually evolving. Here, we shine a light on five trends in the mental health and substance use disorder (SUD) space, from insurance company challenges to developing therapeutic methodologies. (Read More)

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Preserving the Confidentiality of Cybersecurity Forensic Reports

Your company’s computer network has been breached and confidential customer data stolen. Not surprisingly, this results in a lawsuit filed against you by down-the-line victims; read, customers whose personal information found its way into the wrong hands.

In response to the breach, you did all the right things, including hiring experts to investigate and provide a forensic report. But to your dismay, that report—which includes some rather sensitive and potentially damaging information—has become subject of discovery in the litigation. What are you to do? (Read More)