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Showing 3 posts from August 2018.

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Temporary Schedule Changes in NYC

Work schedules in New York City may be a bit in flux all thanks to the Fair Workweek Law. Pursuant to the new law, employers must grant eligible employees two schedule changes per year (one business day per request or two business days total by way of one request) to attend to qualifying “personal events.” (Read More)

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A Bit of Coverage on Coverage: Insurance 101 for Juvenile Products Manufacturers

For many, just the mention of the word is enough for eyes to glaze over and minds to wander. Bring it up as fodder for cocktail party conversation, and the universal response is oftentimes a collective yawn. But insurance, though not the sexiest of topics, is a critical cog in the wheel of commerce, and one that cannot be ignored. And that is because this intangible product is an invaluable tool that allows businesses, including those in the juvenile products space, to manage the risk of financial loss – catastrophic and otherwise – by transferring it to third parties (read: insurance companies). (Read More)

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More PAGA Claims on the Horizon After Epic

The United States Supreme Court’s landmark decision in Epic Systems Corp. v. Lewis– enabling class action arbitration waivers in the employment context – might have an unintended consequence in the form of more Private Attorneys General Act (PAGA) cases filed in California. This is especially true after the recent California Court of Appeals decision in Huff v. Securitas Securities Services USA, Inc. (Read More)