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Showing 3 posts from December 2017.

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To Buy, Or To Form, An Insurance Agency . . . That Is The Question

Thinking about getting into the insurance agency business? If so, you are faced with an interesting choice: to purchase an agency and its licenses or start from scratch and apply for new licenses. As you can imagine, each of these options comes with its own benefits and pitfalls, and the best way to proceed is dependent upon your goals and circumstances. (Read More)

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Los Angeles Lakers Shoot Air Ball in TCPA Insurer Coverage Case

It’s halftime at a Los Angeles Lakers basketball game, and scrolling along the bottom of the Jumbotron suspended high above center court at Staples Center are messages from fans, sent to the Lakers via text for display: “Happy Birthday, Mike”; “It’s My First Lakers Game”; “Come on Lonzo, Hit a Three!).” Not to be excluded, you pull out your iPhone and tap in a text message of your own. In an instant, you receive an automated text message back from the Lakers which contained a solicitation. Which begs and interesting question: by receiving this reply text, has your privacy has been intruded upon? (Read More)

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Here’s a Tip: Be Mindful of Pending Changes in the Treatment of Gratuities

The U.S. Department of Labor (“USDOL”) has pulled the trigger on its plan to roll back its regulations put in place in 2011 under then-President Barack Obama expressly prohibiting employers from forcing tipped employees to share gratuities with non-tipped staff (the “Obama regulations”). Once finalized, the DOL’s newly proposed rule, widely hailed by employers in the hospitality industry, will permit employers who pay its workers at least the full federal minimum wage to require traditionally tipped employees like waitstaff, captains, bussers, bartenders and runners to share customer tips with so-called “back-of-house” workers – chefs, cooks, dishwashers and porters. (Read More)