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Paul Zimmerman

Showing 3 posts from June 2014.

Ron Camhi Delivers Advertising Law Update Webinar for The Knowledge Group

Ron Camhi spoke on “Advertising Law: What’s New for 2014 & Beyond” on June 26, 2014, as part of The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast Series. In this segment, he discusses why native digital advertising (advertising embedded within content that matches its style and tone) has been on the rise, how regulators are addressing this trend, and what this means for how advertising companies should approach their use of native digital advertising going forward. 

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Navigating Substance Abuse Treatment under Obamacare

Although there is no shortage of excitement surrounding the changes the Affordable Care Act (ACA) brings to addiction treatment, there are some problematic aspects that will become more evident over time. Private insurance coverage for substance abuse treatment has been substantially improved. For government plans, however, the existence of coverage is not the same thing as a guarantee that providers will be willing to offer treatment. View Full Article 

How Legal Counsel Can Help During Contractors State Licensing Board Investigations

Darren Barker and Eric Rans discuss the importance of bringing on legal counsel when under investigation by the Contractors State Licensing Board, which has the power to issue citations, and suspend or revoke a contractor’s license. Compiling documentation, revisiting the property site to survey any changes in appearance, and remaining proactive with discovering hearing dates are just some of the ways Darren and Eric explain that attorneys can help build a case on behalf of contractors.