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Paul Zimmerman

Showing 3 posts from March 2014.

Proper Explanation for Employee Termination

Damaris Medina presented “Smart Strategies for Employee Termination” at the Urgent Care Association of America Spring Convention on March 18, 2014 in Las Vegas. In this segment, she explains why employers should always provide accurate reasons to employees upon termination of their services.

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Master Recordings – A Re-Emerging Asset Class Part 2

My last blog discussed how master recordings, or masters, are re-emerging as an asset class. In acquiring masters, however, a buyer has to be mindful of a number of significant legal issues.

Limited Rights: As a practical matter, the exploitation or licensing of masters is limited when the owner does not have the related music publishing rights, or at least a strong relationship with a publisher. One of the factors that has benefited music publishing as an asset class over the last 10 to 15 years is the fact that publishing assets have many more opportunities for revenue. For example, if a publisher wants to license a song for use in a film, but the film’s producer does not have a budget sufficient to license the original recording by a famous recording artist, another recording of the song can be made by a different artist. This creates a revenue opportunity for the publisher but not the owner of the original recording. However, the reverse does not work the same way – if the owner of the master wants to license the rights, but the publisher does not, the owner of the master is out of luck. (Read More)

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M&R's Health Care Group Secures Major Appellate Win for Emergency Providers

M&R attorneys Andrew Selesnick and Robin James secure groundbreaking appellate victory for Centinela-Freeman Emergency Medical Associates and their related entities. (Read More)