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US Supreme Court Permits Unions to Agree to Arbitrate Discrimination Claims

The U.S. Supreme Court, in 14 Penn Plaza LLC et al. v. Pyett et al. , a decision issued last week, held that a union and an employer can agree that employee discrimination claims will be submitted to arbitration only, and will not be filed in court. The Court overruled its 1974 decision that had long been relied upon by employment lawyers for the proposition that unions could not negotiate away an employee’s right to sue in court for discrimination. (Read More)

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California Agency Pays Unemployment Benefits to Workers Terminated for Misconduct

A California agency erroneously paid out $1.3 million in unemployment benefits to workers that had been fired for misconduct – a stunning 25% of the unemployment benefits paid by the agency in the year. An outside auditor found that the agency repeatedly failed to provide adequate documentation regarding the terminated employees, and failed to respond within deadlines set by the California Employment Development Department (EDD). (Read More)