The M&R Advantage


Michelman & Robinson, LLP (“M&R”) delivers client service excellence. We help clients make decisions based on the best available information, intense legal research and thorough analysis. M&R provides well-reasoned solutions that utilize the most robust research methods available. In this regard, we employ the brightest minds in our field; our commitment to legal precision and comprehensive preparation is second to none.

From the founding of M&R, we have held true to the idea that the best path to protecting clients and achieving success is through research, analysis and preparation across multiple practice areas and industries. Underlying this success is M&R’s commitment to employing attorneys with notable academic and career accomplishments, formidable personal achievements and focused expertise. As a result, we locate solutions that others overlook.

Central to M&R is rigorous research and inquiry. Once issues are studied, potential solutions are discussed and debated, and the best course of action is recommended. We work hard at finding the right solution for our clients in order to protect their interests and support their underlying business objectives. It is this drive to see our clients succeed that motivates all of us at M&R. 

However, M&R is not right for everyone. We never sacrifice our devotion to research, analysis and preparation. Therefore, when a potential client requests that we forgo our diligence, we must pass on the representation. We simply will not guess to solve a client’s problem, nor will we do less than our best and “hope” we are right.

Stated another way, just as a patient seeking medical attention does not ask a physician to guess the appropriate treatment plan, a client should not ask a lawyer to guess the most effective legal strategy. We conduct thorough research and analysis in order to design the best course of action and deliver the right solution. Our exacting and thorough preparation, coupled with a nuanced understanding of our clients’ industries, enables us to anticipate how each transaction or litigation will play out over time. We leave nothing to guesswork. Collaborating with our clients, we use our deep knowledge of the law, industry insight and comprehensive research to develop effective strategies and solutions. We play to win when others play not to lose.

M&R’s focused industry expertise, rigorous research, client-centered engagement, and creative problem-solving are what define us. We exist to provide client service excellence.

That’s the M&R Advantage.