Going Green


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – a great song and even better roadmap for preserving the earth’s finite resources, something the firm cares about deeply. We embrace the 3 R’s at M&R and have taken our commitment to environmental sustainability even further by implementing thoughtful “Going Green” initiatives to achieve a more eco-friendly workplace.

The firm is always seeking to minimize its carbon footprint. In so doing, we employ measures that not only benefit the environment, but our employees and business as well. When leasing new office space, we consult a green designer to foster our ongoing quest to conserve natural resources. And in terms of our daily operations, the firm is always exploring alternative ways to cut down on energy use – this in collaboration with our employees and vendors.

Without question, M&R’s conservation efforts have moved the needle in a positive direction. But there’s always more work to be done. Going forward, we’ll continue to “Go Green” by reducing waste, reducing energy consumption, reducing travel (when possible), making environmentally-focused purchasing decisions and emphasizing environmental awareness and education at every turn.