Industry Affinity Groups


A business looking to protect or expand its operations needs more than just a lawyer. That’s right, the complexities, potential pitfalls and pace of today’s competitive marketplaces require legal representation from professionals having an expertise far beyond the law. Of course, for an attorney to successfully handle a company’s litigation or transactional work, a thorough understanding of rules, procedures and the like is critical. As important, though, is an in-depth and practical grasp of that entity’s industry. Translation: an organization seeking the best available legal advice and counsel does so by retaining a firm that speaks its language – a firm like M&R.

From A to Z

M&R serves the broad spectrum of its clients’ business and legal needs – from A to Z. Toward that end, we have established Industry Affinity Groups (IAGs) that offer a unique, 360-degree approach to client representation.

Your Company’s Team

Our IAGs certainly differentiate us from traditional law firms. They are comprised of attorneys who share a comprehensive understanding of a given client’s industry – for instance, advertising and digital media, banking and financial services, health care, hospitality, insurance and retail and apparel – yet bring to the table experience in their own unique practice areas, including complex business and commercial litigation, corporate and securities, cybersecurity, employment, intellectual property, real estate and tax. Indeed, each IAG can be thought of as a team whose players have the same name emblazoned on the front of their jerseys (say, Insurance), but play different positions on the field (for instance, class action litigator, corporate lawyer or regulatory specialist).  

Fingers on the Pulse of Industry

The firm’s IAG attorneys stay current on the events and trends that shape their chosen industries by frequently writing and speaking on topics of importance and actively participating in a variety of trade and industry associations (many of which turn to M&R for content for publication). They also work to nurture their longstanding and deep-rooted industry relationships – ones that can facilitate key introductions to advance clients’ short- and long-term business goals.

All that being said, for companies operating in a range of sectors, M&R vertically integrated IAGs are a “one stop shop” for creative, results-driven and broad-based legal services.