Diversity, Multiculturalism & Inclusion


Look around the offices of M&R, and what do you see? Remarkable people – women and men of differing backgrounds, cultures, ethnicities and orientations, all working together toward a common goal: the best interests and success of our clients.

M&R’s commitment to diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion is profound. Having been listed in Law360’s “Top 100 Firms for Minority Attorneys” and ranked amongst the 50 law firms in the United States with the highest percentage of minority equity partners, our culture is, in large part, driven by our focus on and dedication to a diverse workplace.

Toward that end, the firm has created a Diversity, Multiculturalism & Inclusion (DMI) Committee that meets monthly to discuss and promote these issues.

DMI Mission Statement

To be the best and most vital law firm possible, one where all employees can thrive no matter their ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, political affiliation, disability, veteran status and the like.

DMI Awareness

The firm is a patchwork quilt of so many different backgrounds and life experiences, and it is our policy and practice to continually highlight this diverse and inclusive makeup. We do so by featuring the varied personal histories of our attorneys and staff in monthly Spotlights on Diversity. Likewise, we observe designated National Heritage Months by celebrating diverse leaders in the legal profession. Programs like these, and other educational initiatives, enhance awareness, firmwide, of the critical importance that diversity, multiculturalism and inclusion play in our overall excellence, both as a law firm and place to work.

DMI Focus on Women

We take pride in the extraordinary talents and achievements of our women attorneys, and the firm seeks to do what it can to enable their continued success. Toward this end, M&R has established the Women Attorneys of M&R (WAMR), a DMI subcommittee having as its primary objective the advancement of the firm’s female lawyers. WAMR not only sponsors gender-focused speakers and events, it also presents a forum for M&R’s woman attorneys to concentrate on career development, personal growth, and achievement – within the firm and otherwise. In addition, WAMR provides leadership and professional development opportunities, facilitates professional and social networking, and helps its members to attain work/life balance.

DMI and Recruitment 

Our recruitment efforts reinforce the firm’s ongoing commitment to a diverse and inclusive workforce. With a hiring philosophy entirely aligned with the firm’s stated mission, we seek out talent that allows for a working environment that is exciting, enriching, collaborative and, of course, varied. Each partner, associate, counsel and staff member hired brings to the firm a uniqueness that is fully embraced – differences at M&R are given voice, and contrary viewpoints are encouraged. Consequently, we actively recruit attorneys (new law school graduates and lateral hires) and staff representing an array of ethnicities, backgrounds, cultures and experiences.

DMI: Good for the Firm, Good for the Clients 

The perspective afforded by M&R’s diverse and inclusive workforce drives creative solutions that certainly benefit the firm’s client base. No doubt, our commitment to DMI enriches and deepens the firm’s understanding and analysis of issues and, ultimately, its work product.

The takeaway: M&R’s mission to foster an atmosphere of diversity, multiculturalism, and inclusion makes for a dynamic, engaging firm with a roster of very satisfied clients.