Diversity, Multiculturalism & Inclusion


M&R is featured on Law360’s list of the “Top 100 Firms for Minority Attorneys” in the United States and ranked 5th on the list of the top 50 U.S. firms with the highest percentage of minority equity partners.

Mission Statement

We value diversity, recognizing that each individual brings a unique perspective to Michelman & Robinson, LLP (M&R). At M&R, diversity is about creating a culture of inclusion. A national law firm, we value our workforce for their unique talents, backgrounds and perspectives. We believe diversity includes race/ethnicity, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, political affiliation, marital and familial status, disability, and veteran status, among others. We think that our culture of inclusion makes us a stronger law firm, and creates a positive ecosystem where everyone can thrive.

We are accomplishing the goals of our Mission Statement through the following initiatives:

Women Attorneys of M&R (WAMR)

At Michelman & Robinson, LLP (M&R), we are committed to the development and empowerment of women in the legal profession. Women Attorneys of M&R (WAMR), a subcommittee of the Diversity, Multiculturalism, and Inclusion committee (DMI), is a unique initiative where the primary objective is the advancement of our female attorneys. 

WAMR provides a forum for the women attorneys of M&R to participate in meetings and sponsor speakers and events focused on professional career development for growth and achievement, both within the firm and the legal community.   WAMR provides and facilitates opportunities for leadership and professional and social networking, as well as personal success and development, including a focus on work/life balance.

Firm Education 

An active Diversity, Multiculturalism & Inclusion Committee meets monthly to address diversity at M&R. The Committee, which is chaired by a senior partner and consists of attorneys as well as staff, discusses initiatives that ensure that the Firm is taking proactive steps toward being more diverse and inclusive. We have a diversity corner in our quarterly marketing bulletin, highlighting the varied backgrounds and experiences of different employees. M&R also has monthly updates regarding diverse leaders in the legal profession. We understand that our commitment to diversity is ongoing, and that our Committee is responsible for educating the Firm on our mission.


While we seek diverse talent, we do so while maintaining an environment that is positive and inclusive of everyone. We believe that each partner, associate, of counsel and staff member brings his or her own unique background and perspective to M&R, and deserves a voice. We recruit staff and attorneys who hail from a broad range of cultures and experiences. M&R recruits at law schools with diverse student populations and sponsors and participates in diverse career-development events conducted by law schools. Additionally, M&R seeks to retain and promote minorities laterally within the Firm, and use the Summer Associate Program as a means of recruiting more diverse attorneys. 

Client Needs 

Clients are diverse and want to see a diverse law firm, and interface with diverse attorneys. Our workforce mirrors the varying backgrounds and viewpoints of our eclectic client base in order to best resolve business and legal issues. Therefore, we promote the expression of conflicting viewpoints in order to approach old problems in new ways.

Bolstering Relationships 

We strive to create and frequently review internal policies and practices that result in a law firm with a diverse and inclusive complexion. By building a supportive and inclusive workplace environment, we foster the exchange of ideas and maximize our talent. This helps us build relationships within our legal profession, and the greater community as a whole.