As part of our client-centered approach to legal practice, we educate our clients on cutting edge legal and business issues. We host complimentary seminars on critical aspects of the law and key topics within each of our practice areas. Our attorneys are often featured speakers at conferences, seminars, roundtable discussions and other educational events within their respective industries.

Title Location Date
Gymnastics Club Corporate and Business Issues San Jose, CA 8/15/2014
Top 10 Business and Legal Tips to Help Your Gymnastics Club Thrive San Jose, CA 8/17/2014
Protecting Your Business/Team - Balancing the Legal Pitfalls of Social Media and Other Hot Topics Pittsburgh, Pennysylvania 8/20/2014
Web Wary Travel: How to Safeguard Your Hotel from Internet-related Legal Issues San Francisco, CA 8/21/2014
Top 10 Business & Legal Tips to Help Your Business Pittsburgh, Pennysylvania 8/23/2014
Post- Incident Evidence Preservation Costa Mesa, CA 9/18/2014
Insurance Regulatory 2014 Update and Compliance Guidelines Palm Desert, CA 9/24/2014
Presenting and Defending Construction Claims in California Oakland, CA 9/26/2014
Reducing E&O Exposure Palm Desert, CA 9/27/2014
How to Keep Your Trade Secrets A "Secret" Palm Desert, CA 9/27/2014
Reimbursement: Getting Paid (and Keeping Your Money) San Diego, CA 10/9/2014
Medi-Cal Reimbursement Litigation Update and Strategy San Diego, CA 10/9/2014
Billing Audits and Compliance San Diego, CA 10/9/2014
When the Time Comes: Smart Employee Termination Strategies Denver, CO 10/11/2014
Physician Agreements for Employees and Independent Contractors Denver, CO 10/11/2014
To Outsource or not to Outsource: That is the Question Online 11/12/2014